This month i went to a Lavoisier concert i and loved it! I truely recommend for you guys to listen their music. Was a very intimistic concert like their music asks for. They play popular portuguese music like Zeca Afonso, Fernando Lopes Graça and others highly famous musicians that marked our history. So, they play covers but not like the original song, they tend to transform, they interpret like they want, in an incredible way.
The project began in Berlin where they lived for three years and now they came to Portugal to "spread the word" I don't wanna bored you with all the history behind the projet but let me just finish by telling that Lavoisier born from the necessity to tell the portuguese story as a contry, as a people who suffered a lot to get here. 
I present to you Lavoisier: "In nature nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything is transformed."
Na Natureza nada se cria, nada se perde, tudo se transforma.

You should really visit their site, watch some videos.. hope you like it! :)

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